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  • We believe fitness can be a part of everyone’s life! 
  • We have integrated the power of personal faith into our program

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We want you to know All Our Coaches Have A Success Story

This is Coach Angel. Over five years ago, feeling frustrated and desperate for a new lifestyle, she signed-up for one of Chantel Hobbs’ online camps. She had incredible success losing over 60 pounds. From there she became one of our coaches, and helped many people. Last July, Chantel and Angel formed a partnership and launched the all-new, My Transformation Coach program…she has found her passion! 

Our program is entirely unique. You see, our program is all about community and support. We know that trying to do it alone is nearly impossible. We have made our program so affordable so that anyone can join! 

You can do this! Our coaches say the one thing they want you to know is if they can do it, so can you! What holds us back is the fear of failure- our team knows how to help move past frustration and make the transformation process fun!

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 At My Transformation Coach, our mission is to show how integrating personal faith in God, the Creator, can be our ultimate power source for Success~  

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